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Mrs. Mayte Sanchez De Leon


Mayte was born in the city of Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico and received her basic classical ballet training from 2 prestigious local dance teachers: Maria Del Carmen Villarreal and Lupita Hernandez Jimenez. By the early 90’s she was dancing and teaching in the city of Houston TX with the Houston City Ballet’s adult program and the Rogelio Rodriguez Fiesta Mexicana and Flamenco Company. She was certified with high honors by Dance Educators of America in 1992 and taught for 3 prosperous Dance Institutions: Mitsi Shen dancing school, Randy’s Dance Center and Reni Antley School of Dance.

On her return to the Rio Grade Valley Miss Sanchez established her own school and has served the community ever since. Miss Sanchez school was the first studio in Brownsville to introduce students to the world of dance competition, from the first year the studio opened its doors, dancers got a chance to travel and be part of the same environment her mentors trained her in.

After many years and generations, several of her students have followed professional careers in dance, as professional dancers, choreographers, and teachers. Some of them are now running successful studios of their own.

Miss Sanchez and her school have been part of many wonderful enhancing community partnerships throughout the years, such as: The Juan Diego Art Program, the Los Fresnos ACE afterschool program and presently the Brownsville Performing Arts Academy/George Ramirez Performing Arts Academy Dance Program.

In the last decade Allegro Ballet became affiliated to the Sonshine Christian Ballet (SCB)Syllabus under the Direction of Sonja Stains of Excelsior Ballet of Houston. This method evaluates, promotes, and certifies students as ballet dancers. Allegro has promoted and graduated many wonderful dancers and at least a handful of teachers since 2008.

After 20 years of being a Member Teacher of Dance Educators of America, Miss Sanchez received LIFELONG membership; She serves in the Board of Directors and as Latin American Liaison. Mrs. Sanchez has mentored and certified at least 25 DEA member teachers under her supervision.

In 2019, 2 months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Allegro Ballet became a Franchise School in the city of Matamoros Tamaulipas under the Artistic Direction of former student Miss Brenda Sifuentes, Allegro Ballet MX continues to grow to this day.

 In July of 2021 Miss Sanchez was officially affiliated to Ballet Professional de Coahuila, headquarters Matamoros. Certification under SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Pubica. 

2023 Marks the beginning of a wonderful collaboration with Rio Grand Valley Arts Studio, in the city of Harlingen TX. Allegro Ballet is expanding its services in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Two power houses joining forces!

In the Summer of 2024, the city of Mc Allen TX will become Allegro's 4th operating location.

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