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1.- Good discipline shall be maintained at all times to provide the highest dance standers.

2.- Students are expected to be in class on time.

3.- NO gum, food or drinks are allowed in dance room ever.

4.- Teachers reserve the right to remove any student from class for failure to observe it's rules of conduct. No Refund.

5.- Watch week is held the last week of each month. Distraction hinders class performance.

6.- Never wear dance shoes outside.

7.- Label ALL dancewear especially shoes.

8.- Please do not Run, Hang on barre, touch mirror, or wear street shoes on dance floor.

Parents wishing to discuss progress or problems please make an appointment. It's impossible to properly discuss these matters between classes. Please feel free to call.


The studio reserves the right to cancel or change classes due to performances , or enrollment changes.

We also reserve the right of admission.

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